Fintech In Our Lives

Fintech (Financial Technology) is almost the same as its name suggests. It is about the usage of technology in financial services and products. The evolution of technology has been impactful to almost all the things around us and the financial sector has been no exception to this. Rather, fintech is among the sectors that are […]

Eight Features Of A Perfect Invoice Management System

An invoice is a document containing a record of a transaction between a buyer and a seller about the trade of goods and/or services. Invoice is drawn by the seller upon the buyer of goods/services. Invoice is among the most important documents for most businesses. Every business is involved in buying and selling goods or […]

Blockchain & The Fintech

What Makes Blockchain A Preferred Choice For Fintech  Blockchain is believed to be advantageous for most of the sectors of IT in the future. But if you ask an expert about which sector is going to get the maximum advantage from the blockchain, the most likely reply is the financial industry or fintech (regarding IT). […]

Blockchain – The Basics

Blockchain has been a technology buzzword lately. It’s everywhere. Everybody in the field of IT talks about it, wants to know about it, and wants to see how it works. We’ll be discussing it in a simpler way which can be understandable by most people even the non-technical ones. Blockchain, many believe that in the […]

What Is Invoice

An invoice as we know it today is a document containing a record of a transaction between a buyer and a seller. The transaction is about the trade of goods and/or services. The invoice is time-stamped and contains the amount of the transaction. It is drawn by the seller upon the buyer of goods/services. The […]

<strong>DeFi</strong> Invoice Financing (Factoring)

There is a general consensus that the core purpose of a business is to remain profitable. For the purpose, besides all the efforts a business, needs to invest money. It can be safely said that money holds a pivotal value in any financial system. Any business irrespective of their size always need money to grow. No business […]

Understanding <strong>DeFi</strong>

DeFi is an abbreviation for Decentralized Finance. It is a mechanism for making financial products available on a decentralized blockchain network that is open to the public. In the DeFi system, instead of going via intermediaries like banks or brokerage houses, anyone can utilize them directly. The major difference in DeFi is that unlike Financial […]

<strong>Blockchain</strong> And The Challenges Of Traditional Invoice Automation

Every business irrespective of nature or size involves in selling and/or purchasing goods and services. These transactions mean invoicing. A business has to draw and/or receive invoices. According to the studies, invoices are the most used commercial document. The most used document means the most processed as well.  This means every business deals with invoices […]

<strong>10</strong> Challenges Of Manual Invoice Processing

Business is all about documentation. At every step of the business, it generates documents. Quotations, contracts, purchase orders, invoices, receipts, and whatnot. Invoice can surely be named as the most happening document in business. Almost every business, irrespective of its size, draw or receive invoices. While it is true that invoices are the most used […]

<strong>Accounts Receivable</strong> – The Primer

Whenever a company involves in selling their goods and/or services on credit. They come across accounts receivable. It is among the most common types of accounting heads a business need to maintain even with the minimum accounting practices. Following is an explanatory definition of Accounts receivable: The amount of money due to a company for […]