<strong>InvoiceMate</strong> – Technology Features

A fintech solution needs to be able to deliver financial results by employing the proper technologies. Innovation is the key to success in the tech business. The more user-centric features an application provides, the wider adaption it is likely to get. InvoiceMate offers superior technological features by utilizing contemporary technologies like blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and […]

<strong>InvoiceMate</strong> – Security Features

The very heart of the solution is Blockchain which is synonymous with security, integrity, and trust. Let’s get a detailed overview of the security features of InvoiceMate. Forensic Details Log of Invoices & Workflow InvoiceMate features an extensive & configurable audit trail that can be used to document evidence of the order of activities that […]

<strong>InvoiceMate</strong>– Functional Features

Not all AP Automation software are made as same. What makes an AP Automation software rise above the crowd is the set of features it offers. The business will always be looking for a product with more unique features to get more productivity out of it. InvoiceMate offers a great feature portfolio to make it […]

The <strong>InvoiceMate</strong> Differentiators

Selecting an AP Automation software has always been tricky. You are required to compare multiple factors before concluding the right product to perfectly fit into your requirement. Generally, the basics of all the AP Automation software are almost the same, there are different features of different software that make them more attractive for individual requirements. […]

What Makes <strong>InvoiceMate</strong> Different

InvoiceMate – What Makes It Different   In the last few years fintech industry has seen tremendous growth. This is because of manifold reasons but the major factors remain efficiency, accuracy, and economy.  The increasing size of businesses requires automation like never before. The urge for digital transition has become stronger in the post-Covid world. […]

Why <strong>InvoiceMate</strong>

When we say InvoiceMate is the future of invoice processing and financing, we mean it. InvoiceMate is an Accounts Payable/Invoice Processing and Financing Solution but it is not yet another AP automation software, it’s the next generation automation solution that offers a host of new features that are going to change the way AP automation has been working till now.