Blockchain-Based Invoice Financing Platform

invoice financing
  • No lengthy Invoice Financing process, no hidden charges,  No security, no guarantee required*
  • Turn your credit invoice into cash, instantly
  • Expedite your payments via invoice financing
  • Your delayed receipts are holding you from expanding your business. Let’s solve it.
  • Get your invoices financed, in partial or full.
  • Convert your invoices into cash in 48 hours.
  • Get rewarded for compliance.

Speedy Disbursement

No more wait. Get your invoices straight and get paid.

No More Cash Flow Problem

Sell on credit. Get paid in cash. No more capital constraint.

Get Individual And Smaller Invoices Financed

Get financing as you need it. You don’t need to wait for bigger invoices to get financed. Flexible financing according to your suitability.

Shariah Compliance

All the invoice financing facilities are offered in full compliance with the Islamic Shariah principles. Riba (Interest) is strictly avoided in all the offerings.

No Long-Term Binding

Convert your invoices only when you need them. Get selective invoices financed. No obligation, no long-term binding, no mandatory number.

Accelerated Processing

48 Hours Maximum processing time. You can cut it further short with compliance and building a better credit score with us over time.


No hidden charges. No processing fee. Straight deals.

Grow With Us

You can improve your ranking, credit rating, and get tangible benefits along with priority processing.

What Makes Us Different

We’re not a financial institution. We’re your business partners. We finance those who are in real need of it. We support small and medium businesses usually not catered to by banks. We know your cash flow problems so we provide you with the quickest possible invoice financing.

You know how to sell, what to sell, and where to sell, but you are bound due to the cash constraint. You’re a small business and you can neither wait for the lengthy bank financing process nor can you qualify for that easily. That’s where InvoiceMate comes into the picture.

Just bring your invoices. Fulfill very simple requirements. Get paid.

How We Do It

We bring technology and financial solutions together to provide you with the best experience. We offer comprehensive invoice management solutions ranging from invoice processing to invoice financing. 

Why Choose Us

We don’t ask for guarantees or securities. We believe in you and your potential. No tricky processing requirements. Your invoices are your instrument. We know you’re short of cash, so we don’t want to deprive you of that. We take a maximum of 48 hours to get it transferred to your account.

We don’t need big invoices, huge sales volumes, and tall claims to get convinced. We know small businesses can get big boosts with trust.

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