DUBAI: BSV Blockchain-powered InvoiceMate is reinventing Invoice Processing & Financing.  This was stated by the Chief Mate of InvoiceMate Muhammad Salman Anjum while making a presentation on the first day of DSRPTD 2021. The event took place from  25-27 OCT-2021 at Sofitel – Dubai Down Town. Salman explained the unique features of the world’s first blockchain-based Invoice Management System ‘InvoiceMate’. He elaborated how InvoiceMate is addressing the challenges of legacy invoice automation systems as well as that of manual invoice processing. The audience took a special interest in the unique use-case of contemporary technologies like blockchain and AI to benefit the fintech industry. The theme of the DSRPTD 2021 was “Marketing & Fundraising at their Best” and it was attended by many startups and speakers from across the globe.

About DSRPTD 2021

DSRPTD 2021 “Marketing & Fundraising at their Best” was developed by ‘Upsid3’, Co-Hosted by ‘UAE FMA’, Powered by ‘GPI’, Supported by ‘Kuwekeza Holdings’, Presented by ‘Gulf Analytica’ in Collaboration with ‘CoinTelegraph’.

Kickoff Soiree’

About InvoiceMate

InvoiceMate is the world’s first blockchain-based invoice management system. InvoiceMate incorporates contemporary technologies like blockchain and AI to effectively address traditional invoice processing challenges.

About Muhammad Salman Anjum

Salman has been named a “Top 100 Blockchain Leader in World.” As a Founder and Chief Mate of InvoiceMate, he is co-creating the future of invoice processing with the blockchain-enabled trusted process and enhanced efficiency. Salman Is the Head of BSV Hub for MENA & South Asia.